Arturo e Margherita


Arturo and I, Margherita, loved this area and by chance and luckily we were able to achieve what you see in the photos. We love peace , but at the same time, we like to stay in company. Arturo likes cooking and does it very well, for family and friends who greatly appreciate the invitations: he always looks for the places where he can find the best products (and here there are so many): tomatoes , fruit (other than that that we collect for our jams), fish, meat and bread. I love very much recycling old tools, furniture, belonging to the past of this country so that when we find it we clean them, paint them with the colors of the sea or the sky (it is me who like to do it!). We really appreciate what this area offers (and not just from the gastronomic point of view, but also cultural) and we like that friends and relatives who come to visit us appreciate it and love it as well.